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A slim 3.5" high or 2U in size, Stealth Computer builds affordable 19" rack PCs and rackmount computer servers to meet your exact specifications. For applications that require ISA or PCI expansion slots in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U and 6U rack enclosures. Stealth's space saving rack servers are built utilizing high performance, industry standard mainboards or passive backplane and single board computer configurations with expansion slot counts available from 1 slot up to 20 PCI/PCIe/ISA open slots. Stealth Rackmount Computer systems are ideal for telephony, industrial control, plant automation, ISPs, networking, machine vision, and data acquisition applications to name a few. is an ISO 9001 manufacturer with over two decades of proven success, Stealth has built a reputation for delivering quality solutions and support all over the world. Our proven track record is reflected in our impressive customer list that includes fortune 500's, governments, educational institutions, as well as small and midsize enterprises right down to sole proprietorships.

Contact us today to discuss your application with one of our product specialists. Toll Free: 1-888-STEALTH (1-888-783-2584).

Available 2U Rackmounts Available Rack Sizes

SR-2500 - SR-2500P - SR-2501
SR-2510 - SR-2630F - SR-2700F

1U - 2U - 3U - 4U - 6U - ALL - Rack Overview

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SR-2500 Slim - 2U High, Industrial Rackmount PC

SR-2500P Slim - 2U High, Industrial Rackmount PC

SR-2501 Slim/Short - 2U High, Industrial Rackmount PC

SR-2510 Slim/Short - 2U High, Industrial Rackmount PC

SR-2630F - Fanless High Performance 2U Rackmount PC, single or dual systems


(photos may not be exactly as shown)

SR-2700F - Powerful Fanless 2U Rackmount Server/PC




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